Feng-shui posters - feng-shui paintings Ellhëa

Ellhëa, painter feng shui offers reproductions of his paintings feng shui and Zen for a new and original feng-shui decorating your home.
Activate the areas of Bagua Feng Shui through unpublished feng shui posters or unique feng shui paintings to renew the energies of your home. The feng shui posters are in the format 45 x 32 cm print quality ink printing on paper 250g. They are sent under double protection, cardboard and carton roll by the post international colissimo recommended.

All rooms in your house will benefit from good feng shui. The plan, the orientations, the shapes and the dominant colors, the location of the furniture, decorative objects and paintings all contribute to the whole. Feng-shui is the art of harmonizing your interior to make you feel good, so that the energies circulate freely and bring you luck. Carefully choose a beautiful feng-shui paint reproduction in harmony with the feng-shui areas that you want to activate. Check out our feng-shui art posters, as well as our feng-shui paintings. : Career Zone - Renown Area Success - Wealth Zone - Love Zone and Relationships .....
as well as our feng-shui tips for every bagua area.
Whether you simply want to enhance the feng shui decoration of your living room, your bedroom or your office, or create an ideal feng shui home according to a well-studied plan, or simply wish to travel in the dream, discover our feng shui poster collections and our selection of reproductions of feng shui paintings on canvas.